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If you want to save your tree you must call us

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If you want to save your tree you must call us.

Our company has over 30 years of experience in tree care, maintenance and pruning services of different types of trees, we are located in the city of Ontario, California, we have professional arborists, with passion and dedication to the service of our customers, committed to the environment and the safety of all.

Tree Service

In Junior’s tree service we have the arborists, the equipment and the tools for the care of your trees.

Professional Trimming

Cropping is removing branches or foliage aesthetic purposes. At Junior’s tree service, we can give different shapes.

Tree Removal

If you definitely cannot keep the tree, because it is causing damage within your construction.

Topping & Pruning

This service is similar to pruning, but it involves the selective removal of branches.

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 Tree Service

Professional Trimming

 Tree Removal

Topping & Pruning

Spray Tree Treatment

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Lot Cleans Up/General Cleans Up

Concrete Removal

Lot Hillside Clean Up

Stump Grinding

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